Formerly known as “BlackShirt Contracting LLC” or “BlackShirt Roofing“, Roof Brigade is family owned and operated. The President, J.R. Rocha, was born and raised in Omaha and has been in the Hail Damage Restoration Industry since 1999. 

One of the fastest growing Hail Damage Restoration companies in Omaha and Surrounding Areas! With over 15 years of experience in Hail Damage Restoration, owner J.R. Rocha takes pride in the top-quality workmanship and personal service each customer receives. J.R. knows what it takes to set Roof Brigade apart from the rest of the pack. Down to every last detail, from properly mitred corners down to every edge being perfectly straight. No detail is too small and when J.R. takes his final walk-through on every job, our crews know that if it isn’t the way J.R. would do it they can plan on doing it again until right. That’s why they get it right the first time!

Our crews are our friends, and homeowners just like you. They are the best in the business! All of our crews carry Workman’s Compensation and General Liability Insurances as well as Registered Licensed Contractors and mandated by our local jurisdiction. They’ll take the utmost care while working on your home. We take pride in completing every job on time and on budget!

We stick to what we know

Roof Brigade will deliver quality home Improvements to suit all of your design and budget requirements. Our #1 Goal is to sit down, look you in the eye, listen to your objectives and do whatever it takes to meet those objectives while exceeding your expectations. We understand you have many choices for your Omaha Roofing and Omaha Siding needs, we truly want to make this process as easy as can be for you!

We are a full service Exterior Remodeling Contractor. Whether your project is: Energy Efficient Replacement WindowsMaintenance-free SidingRoofing and Decks, or Snow Removal, each project is completed with the highest quality materials, top of the line craftsmanship with the finest attention to detail. Rest assured that we are not looking to retire off of your job. We want you to feel comfortable in knowing that we are giving you options and will give you two to three different price points in respects to quality of material. That way you are in control of your project and you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best value for your dollar.

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With our roofs, we provide each and every client our old world traditions with today’s newest technologies to give our clients the absolute best roof system. We have received the highest honors from the major manufacturers for our dedication to quality. Along with the single-ply application, we have the knowledge and experience to repair and/or replace all types of roof systems. Our crew will work to maintain your roof and extend the life through routine maintenance.

Longevity – A company that has been around is key. Working with a “Fly By Night” company can only lead to heartache and an empty wallet in the future. No matter how long of a workmanship warranty they offer, if they aren’t here to stand behind it, it’s no good. Don’t believe their word for gospel, but look at the companies history and make your own assessment.

Insurance – Make sure the the roofing company you choose has general liability insurance – as all reputable companies do. Worker’s compensation is the law not a choice. Unless the owner of the company is doing the work by themselves with no additional help – it is a requirement. You don’t want to pick up the cost if someone was to get hurt or injured on your property.

Permits – A good contractor will purchase permits prior to starting a project. Having an inspector look at the job ensure that the project was completed correctly is another qualified set of eyes to insure that the project was completed correctly. A contractor that doesn’t want to may have something to hide like not doing the project up to code, which may be a problem in the future.

Asphalt Shingles – Probably the best bang for your buck. The quality of asphalt has changed substantially there are now a multitude of styles, colors and budget ranges. Asphalt shingles generally carry lifetime limited warranties. Note: If Class 4 shingles are installed, your insurance company may offer a discount on your homeowner’s premium because of hail resistance.

Tile – Architecturally a very pleasing product to the eye. If this is the look you are wanting, there are many different profiles that can be offered from a roman tile to flat tiles.

Metal – The wave of the future. Metal has come a long way from the old barn styles that were typical for many years. These systems are installed with a 45yr. paint/finish warranty that is backed by the manufacturer.

Low Slope Roofing – Though it may one of the smallest portions of your home it can produce some of the biggest problems. Installing a product that is not meant to shed water but in turn holds it, will produce problems within your roofing system. The system can be installed mechanically with the product’s seams heat welded; or may be installed fully adhered as well as heat welding the seams (recommend method).



Aluminum Siding

Today’s homeowners want 4 major things in their siding options: Quality, durability, appearance and affordability. It just so happens aluminum sidingoffers all of theses positives with very few negatives. Recent advances in its manufacturing have brought about beautiful siding options. Just like every breakthrough in technology, aluminum siding has only become better with age. And the truly wonderful thing about this metal siding is the price! The overall value is staggering.

Vinyl Siding

Roof Brigade offers different grades of vinyl siding in a broad choice of styles, textures and designer colors. We also offer vinyl clad steel siding in both 4″ and 8″ clapboard design. You get the strength of steel with the low maintenance of vinyl. The special coating process includes a hot dipped zinc pre-treatment and exclusive Vinyl-Fused PVC Coating. We have a great reputation that we value and want to keep. Not only are our products certified and meet the mandatory and strict requirements, but our crew are highly and extensively trained and certified to provide each customer with the best quality service and work possible.

Brick Siding

It is a heavy, kiln made material that requires expert installation. We at Roof Brigade want to offer all of our customers the best quality craftsmanship at the most competitive prices. Our expert crew, will provide guidance for you through each and every step of purchasing your brick siding. Starting with getting the best price and ending with the best installation. Imagine your home conveying rich character and historic appeal, imagine your home with brick siding.

Stone Veneer Siding

Brick veneer is not exactly faux brick. It is 100% real brick, just on a slimmer scale. Each brick is 1″ thick and is often applied to your home over existing siding. Seeing as brick is moisture permeable, exterior brick siding should be installed with a vapor barrier between your walls and the bricks. Our qualified crew are pros at installing brick and brick veneer siding and will ensure not an ounce of moisture gets trapped in those walls.



Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum rain gutters will vary in price depending on the size and shape you choose. Aluminum gutters are typically one step above steel gutters in price. But this price is easily justified, and in fact, a better deal when we take into account aluminum will never rust. No rust, strength and color versatility make installing aluminum gutters a top pick for many Roof Brigade customers.

Now, we know that this can seem a little overwhelming seeing as most gutters, when glanced at in passing, appear similar. Roof Brigade offers free estimates and inspections to every customer insuring you have all the help and information you need to make an informed and intelligent decision.

Your time is invaluable. We respect this and strive for one day installation of aluminum gutters in most cases. For an average sized home gutter installation can usually be completed in less than three hours. During your free estimate our crew will be able to give you a time of job completion based on the size of your home.

Vinyl Gutters

The components of the vinyl gutter system are made up of premium vinyl resin. The urethane seal assures a simple and leak-free installation, which allows your home to be protected by water run-off.

Systems come in white or brown, but can be painted if desired. Will not chip, corrode, or dent. Only a few common household tools needed for installation. Lightweight and cuts with a handsaw. Weather performance guaranteed. Limited lifetime warranty.

Galvanized Steel Gutters

The cost of a steel gutter system will be slightly more than that of aluminum. The weight of galvanized gutters is twice that of aluminum. The added weight translates to added labor for installers; more difficult to transport, seams must be soldered, etc. All of these factors add to labor costs. Not to mention steel is a more costly material than aluminum. Fortunately, Roof Brigade offers steel gutters at an incredibly affordable price. Stainless steel gutters can be a great choice for homeowners seeking strength over aesthetic value.


Storm Damage

Here is all the information you need to find the best storm damage solutions in the midwest regional area.  Contact our professionals today to get a free quote or discuss insurance options. Contact us at Info@Roofbrigade.com


Snow Removal

Commercial Services

We offer full winter commercial snow plowing and removal services for our customers. We provide complete snow and ice management services; ice control, salting, snow hauling, snow plowing, sidewalk clearing and total snow removal. Whether you require snow plowing for a parking lot, grocery shopping area, medical facility, movie theater, industrial lot, office building, driveway, or walkway, Roof Brigade can provide you with 24-hour snow plowing, removal, and relocation services throughout the entire winter season.

Residential Services

At Roof brigade, we offer complete winter residential snow removal solutions for our customers to ensure their safety. Our services include snow removal, hauling, plowing, shoveling, and application of salt or melting agents. Many residential areas that we service include walkways, driveways, and entrances to front and back doors. In larger residential communities such as townhomes, condo or apartment complexes, Roof Brigade uses commercial grade snow plows to remove, haul, and relocate snow.


Roof Brigade provides salting and de-icing agents as part of our complete winter solutions for bothresidential and commercial areas. Our first priority is to maintain safe surfaces. We provide all of our customers with consistent and quality service, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


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